Mental health therapy for anxiety, depression, BPD, stress, anger, grief & loss, relationships, and addiction

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Get Inspired, motivated, and accomplish your goals with personalized coaching designed to bring out your best

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Join a group counseling session - now accepting new group members for a teen social anxiety group

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Welcome to Ally Counseling!!

I created Ally Counseling for a single purpose, to help people build better lives. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a wonderful life and is capable of reaching that goal. Life can be challenging and sometimes you need a partner who has the knowledge, skills, and determination to help you live your fullest life. Whether you aspire to improve your personal life, career, or workplace, I help people bring out their best so they can make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

  • Improve your wellbeing and feel better

  • Gain the insight you need to succeed

  • Discover your true potential

  • Learn the science behind wellbeing

  • Let go of the things that are holding you back

  • Tackle depression and anxiety

  • Find balance in your life

  • Learn Mindfulness for wellness and performance


Lets Get Started!!

I offer one-on-one sessions or in a group format at your site or during on offsite destination retreat


Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 8:00PM

Phone Number

(503) 208-4327